Saturday, 21 March 2009

Finding the Depth

I couldn’t help my blood boil as I watched the mechanic try to fix the air conditioner. It wasn’t that the heat was getting on me, but I was put off by the trial-and-error approach of the young man. As he struggled for hours together to diagnose the problems with the ailing dumb machine, I realised he wasn’t a bad mechanic, instead he symbolised a phenomenon of dwindling depth in the world.

When I was a kid, my radio mechanic could pinpoint the problems of my transistor even without switching on his analogue multimeter. It wasn’t just the radio mechanic. Even my family doctor would treat his patients, rarely resorting to the use of an x-ray. Forget about ultrasound and CT scan! All he had at his disposal was a stethoscope and a thermometer. Yet, more often than not, his diagnosis would prove right.

Unfortunately, this illness of ‘floating in the thin air’ permeates all spheres of our life. Teachers, doctors, politicians, bureaucrats…, almost everybody seems to be bitten by the virus of superficiality. That’s why we find serious issues such as terrorism, poverty, etc being treated lackadaisically.

Why is the world going more shallow and shallow? What’s the remedy?

This blog is a platform to search for the depth in everything we do, in every issue we face, in every topic we discuss and in every step we take. This is a sincere attempt to practice profundity in our action, our thinking, our ideology and in our attitude. In short, a movement towards ‘the depth of the matter’.

Watch this space!

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