Sunday, 22 March 2009

Skewed Priorities

We can do without food for weeks, and without water for days, but without the breath, we will die within a few minutes. Even if you were a King, it will make no difference. That’s how important the breath is for our life.

Unfortunately, we take breathing for granted. It’s only when our nose is blocked, or we suffer from respiratory conditions such as asthma that we appreciate the importance of this live-giving quality of breathing. That shows how skewed our priorities are. Some food for thought?

The ancient wisdom says that the number a person’s heart would beat in his or her lifetime is predetermined. Now modern research has also reinforced that our ‘machinery’ is designed to go up to that point and break down. How to enhance the life of this all-important machinery? Looks quite challenging, but it’s not so. Just sitting back and breathing properly can do the job for you.

When we breathe deeper, our heartbeat rate slows down to about 65 a minute. When we breathe in a shallow fashion, like most people breathe, the heart rate increased to around 90. So now you know how to make that quota last longer?

It’s not just about the quantity of life; learning to breathe properly can greatly enhance the quality of life. We can improve our health and reduce the impact of stress on our body by learning how to breathe properly.

But the dynamics of the fast life we live will fool us and make us believe that learning how to breathe properly is all bunkum. We all think that we know how to breathe. But go to the depth of the matter and see is it you who know how to breathe. Or it’s your body?

Enough reason to enrol yourself for a course in breathing? Not yet. Then read this article [Every Breath You Take...] I wrote a couple of years ago.

Know that breathing doesn’t exactly require a degree in rocket science. Learning to breathe properly is a little bit like learning to play an instrument. It takes time and practice to perfect it.

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