Monday, 2 July 2012

Till we found the Him...

On the auspicious of Guru Purnima, a devotee talks about the tatva that lights up his life for real

By Awakened
A large majority of us roll out our lives like a programmed machine. No or little awareness… No or little self-control… No wonder, all our priorities about things that really matter are all misplaced! We can’t live without the breath for more than a few minutes, yet we care a damn about it. It’s not just a case of taking it for granted. It’s more about lack of awareness. At least Art of Living fans wouldn’t disagree on this. We all have experienced how the quality of our lives has positively transformed after we realigned our breathing through the Sudarshan Kriya.

Until we were made aware of it, we too took it for granted. In fact, it sounded absurd and nonsensical when the senior members of our would-be clan tried to convince us to take a course in breathing. And when they talked about the Guru who is transforming millions of lives by setting right the rhythm of their breath, we took them from hippie and even worse brainwashed members of a cult. But it was only up to that! Once we experienced it, our awareness was awakened. We were bowled over! In a few paces of breath, we were taken to a new world of serenity, bliss and liveliness! Until we became aware, we were totally ignorant about and oblivious to the very existence of a world like that! We were caught up in an imaginary world drawn up by our limited imagination! Rather than realising our limitations, we just blamed the world and its people for the pain we go through.

No longer! Suddenly, life became beautiful. We felt light, we began to smile effortlessly. We saw a vision! We became one with our own life. Suddenly our anger dropped, negative feelings gave way to more refined and positive patterns! Was it a magic? Or did something logical really happen?

For one, we took a course in breathing! But was it just breathing that changed us forever? And if so, why didn’t it happen to us before even though we have been breathing ever since we were born! Breath was the medium, but the root of the transformation was the awareness that dawn on us! The awareness that made us pay deeper attention on all things we do -- big and small.

Where did we get that awareness from? It came from embracing a Master who can teach us about life. Knowingly or unknowingly and willingly or unwillingly, we got a Guru who is teaching us lessons about life. We have always needed a teacher to learn English, Mathematics, Geography and the like. But somehow we have come to believe that we don’t need a teacher to learn about life. How can that be possible? Life surely is more complicated than any of these complex subjects! The pure rhythm of the breath of the Sudarshan Kriya lifted that veil of ignorance and connected us to the Guru tatva that is omnipresent and all pervasive! We are no more orphans. We have found our lineage. We have found the Guru. Unlike, the teachers who gave shiksha (knowledge), the Master gave us diksha (heightened awareness). He kindled the life force in us. He awakened the pinnacle of intellect in us. He lifted the burdens of the world that we were struggling to carry. He showed us a beacon of light for the world that is mired in the darkness of material success, illusory comforts and worthless fame!

Like a wave rising in the ocean, everything blossomed. And there is no looking back.... Life has become effortless and rea1.

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